The bulls need to be rested and not used for breeding for a minimum of 7 days prior to the
collection date we have scheduled at your farm. Ideally, the bull needs to be isolated in a pen
or tied up by themselves during this period of time. Close adherence to this procedure generally
enhances the breeding aggressiveness of the bull and we have found he will mount the tease
animal much more willingly during the collection process.


When we arrive at your farm with the mobile laboratory, we will need a place to plug into a 110 volt electric outlet. If your farm does not have electric service, let us know and we will make arrangements for a generator. While the equipment is warming, I will look at your facilities to plan out how to proceed with the handling of the animals. I will need help from one or two animal handlers for about one hour to handle the tease animal and the bull.


ARTIFICIAL VAGINA: This is the method of choice because it is more natural for the bull and usually results in more semen of better quality.
ELECTRO EJACULATOR: Typical use is for bulls who will not or can not mount a tease animal because of injury or lack of desire. This method requires a strong chute and head lock to restrain the bull.


The handlers will tie the tease animal or cow in heat. Then the handler will give the bull some lead rope so he is able to mount the tease animal. At this time, I will draw the first ejaculate. After the bull dismounts, he will need to be restrained again until I take the ejaculate to the lab and check for quality, etc. This will take about 10 minutes and then we are ready to draw the second ejaculate. Most of the time I draw 2-4 ejaculates, depending on needs and circumstances. At this time the animals are put away and my need for the handlers has concluded.


At this time the number of units will be determined. We will also need the name and registration number so we can print the information on each straw at this time. At this stage one of two things will take place. We may go to the next farm or we will stay and process the semen. The time to process is 6 to 8 hours long and many times we will stay plugged in until morning. Then we move the frozen semen into the breeder’s tank. If we have moved on to the next farm, we will retrace our route and deliver the semen on the way back.

While we constantly strive to provide a service with the least amount of disruption of the farm operators' daily activities while keeping the stress level of the animals as low as possible, Our most important objective is the safety of the animal handlers, as well as our own. Our insurance however, does not cover the animal handlers. The goal of our business is to provide you , the breeder, with a quality product at a reasonable cost.